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Meal Prep

Meal Prep

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Meal Prep, Etching, À la poupée, image area 8.25" x 11.5”, 2019

Paper size 12.5” x 15.5”. Printed on Stonehenge paper with oil based inks. Limited edition of 4

All prints are titled, editioned and signed on the front in pencil. Very slight variations may exist across the edition.

Intaglio is a type of printmaking technique in which images are incised onto a surface that is typically zinc or copper. Color Intaglio typically uses multiple plates, one for each color. The following print however is an À la poupée and was produced on 2 separate zinc plates, a black key image plate and one plate for color, then etched in nitric acid. Hardground is applied to the heated plate as an acid resist and the image is drawn on the plate with an etching needle. Powdered rosin is heated and melted on to the plate, a method known as an aquatint, to produce various tones. The plate is printed by pushing ink into the grooves bitten by the acid and wiping the plate with tarlatan. À la poupée refers to the way the plate was inked. Rather than separate color plates, colors were carefully placed and wiped on the same plate section by section. Due to the pressure at which it is printed plate marks are visible on the paper.

All pieces pulled from the plate are considered original. These are NOT digital reproductions.

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